Implementing MIT's new Conflict of Interest in Research policy in Coeus

September 11, 2012

August 15th marked a significant milestone for MIT when all paper proposals transitioned to Coeus to facilitate the implementation of MIT’s new Conflict of Interest in Research policy.

We hope you were able to attend one of the two Coeus User Groups where we reviewed policy, system and process changes affecting all administrators and PIs during the proposal process and the integration with the new COI module.  

Topics included:

Brief review of MIT’s new COI Policy
• New disclosure requirement and definitions
• New Roles and Responsibilities

Changes to the Proposal Preparation and Approval Process
• New process for Aggregators: notifications and certifications
• Online PI certification and disclosure
• Elimination of Yes/No questions
• Changes to the Approval Process

New COI Module
• System overview
• Timeline and process for new Annual/Master disclosure

All departmental administrators who prepare proposals were asked to attend one of the two sessions.   

This material has been covered in the NIH Workshops, with additional information specifically for NIH Administrators tied to the new COI regulations. Those who attended the NIH Workshops were invited to attend a User Group session for a review.
Quick reminder for those who haven’t already done so, please sign up for the Coeus User Group mailing list online here:
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