OSP Operations

In the area of Grant and Contract Administration, OSP is organized to support research through one primary point of contact. Each department, laboratory or center at the Institute is assigned an OSP representative—either a Grant/Contract Administratoror a Senior Contract Administrator. This individual is responsible for providing services to the department for the entire life-cycle of the project, including proposal review and submission, award negotiation and setup, award management, and award closeout.

OSP assigns an Agency Liaison for each major sponsor that provides research support to MIT. These Agency Liaisons not only have specific skills and expertise in how the agency conducts business, but also are responsible for signing all transactions for that agency. Shawna Vogel, Associate Director leads the Contract Administrator  teams managed by

  • Michael Corcoran, Assistant Director
  • Laureen Horton, Manager, Contracts and Grants
  • Veronica Morris, Manager, Contracts and Grants

Working with this group is the Research Subawards team which is charged with handling the negotiation and processing of subawards to other institutions under MIT’s sponsored research agreements. In addition, the Contract Specialist team has the expertise in negotiating non-federally sponsored research agreements. Assistant Director Craig Newfield heads up these two teams.

The Cost Analysis group is responsible for negotiating MIT’s F&A (or overhead) and Employee Benefit (EB) rates with the Office of Naval Research, MIT’s cognizant government agency. Associate Director John Donahue heads up this group.

MIT is home to the Kuali Coeus grants management system. Kuali Coeus (KC) is an enterprise wide, cradle to grave electronic system that was released in 2015, as a result of the partnership between the Kuali Foundation and Coeus Consortium. It is based on the Coeus functionality developed at MIT. The Kuali Coeus Development and Support team is responsible for supporting research administrators on campus with their use of KC, development of MIT customizations to KC, supporting the data management of all sponsored projects and providing research administration reporting. These teams are led by Carol Wood, Assistant Director.

The Training and Communication team provides research administration training for both OSP and other MIT staff in the departments, labs and centers that are engaged in supporting the research activities of MIT. This team is headed by Kristen Shikes, Manager of Administration.