Staff Listed Alphabetically

A star by the person's name indicates that he or she has won an OSP Director's Award.

Name Title Email Phone
Michelle D. Christy OSP Award Director 617-324-9022
Maria Baguer Senior Contract Specialist 617-253-2921
Victoria Bautista Data Administrator 617-253-5990
Courtney Bensey Contract Administrator 617-324-7533
Ian Cariolo Senior Kuali Coeus Support Specialist 617-253-7260
Alisa Chomhirun Assistant Subaward Administrator 617-324-9021
Marissa Clarkson Grant/Contract Administrator 617-715-2479
Michael P. Corcoran OSP Award Assistant Director 617-253-3906
John Donahue Associate Director 617-258-7950
Noelle Donahue OSP Award Subaward Administrator 617-258-8014
Nancy Foley Administrative Assistant 617-258-8013
Joseph Foley Cost Analyst 617-452-5045
Rainer Frost International Senior Contract Specialist 617-258-8012
Mary Getman-Netto Assistant Contract Administrator 617-324-0302
Jamie Goldberg Senior Contract Administrator 617-253-6287
Carolyn Goodwin Administrative Assistant II 617-253-8048
Rupinder Grewal OSP Award Conflict of Interest Officer 617-253-6009
Erin Hall Senior Contract Specialist 617-253-3866
Rosemary Hanlon Senior Kuali Coeus Support Specialist 617-253-3529
Cory Heaton Data Administrator 617-253-3884
Amy Holden Data Analyst 617-253-2763
Laureen Horton Manager, Contracts & Grants 617-253-3922
Michele Hudak OSP Award Grant/Contract Administrator 617-324-5382
Kate Huleatt Assistant Contract Specialist 617-253-2822
Janet Johnston Export Control Officer 617-253-2762
Rich Lay Special Projects Officer 617-452-3410
Michael Leskiw International SR Contract Administrator 617-324-9146
Nicole Levidow Compliance Administrator 617-253-0460
Jennifer Lu Programmer Analyst 617-253-0076
Kimberly Mann OSP Award Manager, Kuali Coeus Support Team 617-258-6190
Mary A. McGonagle Senior Contract Administrator 617-258-8017
Tiffany Melendez Cost Analyst 617-253-1441
Veronica Anne Morris Manager, Contracts and Grants 617-324-9012
Sabari Nair OSP Award Kuali Coeus Architect 617-253-1359
Lynda Nelson Sr. Administrative Assistant 617-258-8019
Danforth Nicholas Senior Contract Administrator 617-258-8018
Kiirja Paananen Web Producer 617-715-5372
Suzanne Pettit Special Projects Officer 617-324-8187
Lucie Piazza Senior Contract Specialist 617-253-3258
Gail Powderly OSP Award Manager, Research Subawards 617-258-8015
Jessica Rivieccio Subaward Administrator 617-715-4294
Jon Roberts Assistant Contract Administrator 617-324-2193
Jenny Rodriguez Grant/Contract Administrator 617-715-4296
Nancy Sahagian OSP Award Senior Contract Administrator 617-715-4295
Kristen Shikes Manager of Administration 617-258-7208
Stacey Sullaway Contract Administrator 617-324-7210
Sarah Svenson Greer Senior Contract Administrator ssvenson@MIT.EDU 617-253-2495
Carole Trainor Senior Training Specialist 617-258-8225
Bernadette Vallely Senior Contract Administrator 617-324-7211
Pedro Viejo Business Analyst 617-324-2196
Shawna Vogel OSP AwardOSP Award Associate Director 617-324-2216
Carol Wood OSP AwardOSP Award Assistant Director 617-253-3930