Coeus Premium vs CoeusLite

You want to upgrade to Premium when…  

Your proposal requires budgeting of multiple subprojects, and you want Coeus to link the proposals and build a hierarchy.

Hierarchies can be helpful if you need to separate:

  • Budgets for Co-Investigators in other departments including those with Lab allocations
  • Budgets and/or tasks by child accounts
  • A budget with a specialized F&A rate
  • A project that has both a research component and other activity that would require a mixture of research and Fund F&A

You may create and complete your individual proposals in either CoeusLite or Coeus Premium. However, you must create the hierarchy and link the child proposals in Coeus Premium. Once you create separate proposals, you may use one proposal as the basis to construct the “parent” proposal for the hierarchy; then you may link as many child proposals as needed.

You have a complex budget and will need all the budgeting tools included in Coeus Premium to:

  • Sync your period costs to a period cost limit
  • Sync your period costs to a direct cost limit
  • Display customizable views of your budget screen (e.g., display a cost-sharing column for each line item)
  • Budget by cost element (by General Ledger (GL) number, not by category or description)
  • View all expense line items in one screen while budgeting
  • View all predefined, exact personnel cost totals by category, not by person (e.g., hourly charges; enter the hourly personnel cost element and manually enter the exact expense rather than calculate based on effort) 

You want to create your Narrative Types, but not upload files until later:

  • Premium allows you to Add Narrative Type “placeholder” without uploading a file; you may upload files later
  • Premium enables you to rearrange the order of the Narrative Types
  • Premium lets you edit the comments and status of the Narrative Type after it is created

You want to see the Routing Map for your proposal before you Submit for Approval:


  • Premium allows you to preview the approver map as you build your proposal
  • In Lite, you cannot activate the Approval Routing screen until your proposal has been submitted

You need to maintain the listing order of the Personnel on the Senior/Key Personnel forms:

  • Premium Users can arrange the order of appearance of the Investigators and Key Persons entered in the proposal on the RR Senior/Key Person forms

You want to see the Proposal Summary Screen for:

  • An easy view of key answers from Investigator Certifications regarding proposal
  • Any special reviews listed in the proposal are displayed here
  • Validation Checks - Run the MIT maintained proposal validations
  • Summarized budget information for each period including: direct and indirect costs, under recovery, cost sharing, and total cost.