June 21st Coeus Upgrade Release Notes

June 24, 2013

Dear Coeus Users,

Some new features have become available after the Coeus upgrade (version on June 21st 2013. These new features include:

  • Proposal Development
    • After rejecting a proposal, the approver will now be returned to the Proposal Summary screen. This ensures that locks on a proposal will always be released after rejection, allowing aggregators to immediately access the proposal in edit mode.
  • Key Person Maintenance
    • When needing to Confirm, Add or Delete Key Persons on an award child account, the child account PI will now be able in Coeus Lite “My Awards” to “Search for Award” and perform Key Person Maintenance without any Coeus account roles or authorizations being assigned. They will continue to be able to access all parent level awards on which they are PI via their My Awards list.
    • On awards that are flagged with the custom element “PCK” (indicating that COI disclosure is required for PIs, Co-I’s and Key Persons on a solicitation or award specific basis), when a key person is added or confirmed via Key Person Maintenance in Coeus Lite My Awards, the Key Person will receive an email from the system altering him/her that they must submit a COI Disclosure for the award. Previously, an email was sent only when a key person was added or confirmed on awards subject to PHS/NIH COI requirements.
    • A link back to My Awards has been added to both the Award Summary screen and Key Person Maintenance screen in Coeus Lite.
  • COI Disclosure
    • New feature has been added for investigators and/or key persons in a Proposal Disclosure allowing more direct access to edit proposal certification questions if necessary.
    • Improvements were made to instructional screens updating and simplifying text.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact coeus-help@mit.edu.

Your Coeus Support Team,
Kara, Kim, Amy and Noelle