Now available in Coeus - new forms found in FORM C packages

September 24, 2013

The new forms for the Form-C packages required by NIH grant applications with due dates on or after September 25, 2013 (as described below in the e-mail sent 9/12/13) are now available in the Coeus system. Please contact the Coeus Support Team at with any questions you may have.

As you may be aware, for NIH grant application due dates on or after September 25, 2013, all applicants will be required to use FORMS-C packages. The requirement includes electronic applications submitted under the continuous submission policy, administrative supplement requests (Type 3), change of organization requests (Type 6) and change of grantee/training institution requests (Type 7) submitted September 25, 2013 and beyond.

Multi-project applications that are transitioning to electronic submission beginning with the September 25, 2013 due dates (see NOT-OD-13-075) will also use FORMS-C packages.

Note the following exceptions, which will transition on January 25, 2014:

  • Research Career Awards (K series)
  • Institutional Training and Career Development Awards
  • Individual NRSA
  • SBIR

The Coeus team is working to update the forms for system-to-system submissions and it is anticipated they will be available in mid-September. Investigators and DLCs may choose to wait until the forms are available to start their proposal(s) in Coeus.  

Those who wish to begin preparing proposals in Coeus prior to the availability of these new forms, use the work-around outlined in the following steps:

  1. Create a Coeus proposal, and link to using one of the “soon to be obsolete” NIH R01 opportunities.  The current R01 parent announcement, PA-11-260, may be used until the archive date of 9/18/13.
  2. Use one of the narrative types available in the drop down list when uploading attachment files. 
  3. When the new forms are available in Coeus (which will be announced to the Community), delete the original opportunity number and input the appropriate opportunity number. Once the appropriate opportunity number entered, re-link to
  4. If necessary, use Coeus Premium to change to the new and correct narrative types.


**Proposals containing Subcontracts the new Subaward budget forms may be obtained by downloading a current Adobe package, and these forms can be sent to Subcontractors now as they prepare their subcontract proposals for inclusion in MIT submissions. 

**Proposals containing Human Subjects for those research programs using human subjects that are not exempt (categorized with code “E4”), the Coeus developers are creating an “extraction tool” for use with the new “Enrollment Report Form. It is not anticipated this extraction tool will be ready for the early October deadline dates. If your proposal uses human subjects that are not categorized as “Exempt” (code “E4”), use the Adobe package to prepare your proposal and upload into Coeus.

Any questions on the above processes should be directed to the Coeus Support Team at

Below is information from NIH regarding what the changes will be.

Changes to federal-wide forms included in ‘FORMS-C’ packages

SF424 (R&R) Cover

  • A new field for the ‘Previous Tracking ID’ will be included in item 4 of the SF424 (R&R) cover. Form behavior will be adjusted so that applications with Application Type of ‘New’ require an entry in the ‘Previous Tracking ID’ field rather than requiring an entry in the ‘Federal Identifier’ field.
  • The Person to be contacted section of the Applicant Information on the SF424 (R&R) cover will be expanded to include the additional contact information we have been including on the PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement form.
    • The additional contact information will be removed from the PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement.
  • The label for the ‘SFLL or other Explanatory Documentation’ on the SF424 (R&R) cover will be changed to ‘SFLLL (Disclosure of Lobbying Activities) or other Explanatory Documentation.’
  • A new ‘Cover Letter Attachment’ will be added to the SF424 (R&R) cover.
    • We will no longer use a separate PHS Cover Letter form. However, NIH will continue to keep the Cover Letter separate from the assembled application image and available only to authorized staff.

Other Project Information

  • The question ‘Does the Project have an actual or potential impact on the environment’ has been changed to ‘Does the Project have an Actual or Perceived Impact – positive or negative – on the environment.’

R&R Budget and associated subaward budget

  • Bug fix; expanding ‘Number of Participants/Trainees’ allowed on cumulative budget from 999 to 9999 (currently maxing out the number on all the budget periods causes the application to fail because the form doesn’t allow a bigger number for the cumulative total)

R&R Sr/Key Person Expanded

  • Allowing data entry for up to 100 Sr/key persons (old limit was 40)
  • Biosketch will continue to be required on Adobe forms, but will not be enforced by systems for system-to-system submissions
    • eRA will enforce the inclusion of biosketch for every Sr/Key person through post-submission agency validations

Project/Performance Site Locations

  • Allowing data entry for up to 300 sites (old limit was 30)