Welcome to the OSP Guide to ARRA Reporting

Read the memo from Michelle Christy:

ARRA Recipient Reporting ended on February 1, 2014


File my ARRA report

We are counting down to the next time MIT will transmit reporting data for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding.

The next quarterly reporting period begins January 1 and closes on Friday, January 10, at 5:00PM.  MyARRA data will be available for the PIs on Friday, January 3.

The deadline for Principal Investigators to complete ARRA reports is 5:00PM on Friday, January 10.

If you are a Principal Investigator, see What PIs Need to Know and Do.

We have developed a system that integrates existing data from multiple systems and simplifies the reporting process – a My ARRA module within Coeus Lite. 

Federal agencies implement accelerated ARRA-funded award spending

See the OSP, NSF, and NIH guidance available to date about deadlines and conditions for no-cost extensions:  About OSP > News and Events > Accelerated ARRA funds spending.

Overview of our approach

We are being asked to meet a very high standard of timeliness while delivering information that we have not been asked for in the past.  

Because compliance is so important, we:

  • require that the Principal Investigator completes the report using new Coeus MyARRA pages.
  • will submit ARRA award data on the deadline regardless of whether the Principal Investigator has completed the report.
  • will place research accounts in restricted status, preventing further spending, if My ARRA reports have not been completed by the Principal Investigator by 5:00PM on January 10. 
  • have asked Assistant Deans to name an ARRA Administrator in each department, lab or center.
  • are delivering automated email notices to inform PIs when the system is ready for access and notifying Department Heads, Assistant Deans, and ARRA Administrators about ARRA awards for which reports have not been completed as the deadline approaches. 

See Important Dates