US Laws and Regulations

It is MIT’s policy is to fully comply with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations, including those governing the export of goods, services and data.

Open Research and Engineering

The following paragraphs quote from the MIT Policy 14.2 Open Research and Free Interchange of Information

"The encouragement of research and inquiry into intellectual areas of great promise is one of the most basic obligations MIT has to its faculty, to its students, and to society at large. The profound merits of a policy of open research and free interchange of information among scholars is essential to MIT's institutional responsibility and to the interests of the nation as a whole. 

Openness requires that as a general policy MIT not undertake, on the campus, classified research or research whose results may not be published without prior permission…[and] that, once they are at MIT, foreign faculty, students, and scholars not be singled out for restriction in their access to MIT's educational and research activities."

"It is the policy of the Institute, therefore, that every research project within the academic structure of MIT (excluding Lincoln Laboratory) that requires a classification on the research process, classification as to the source of funds, classification of the research results, or imposition of other restrictions on publication or access must receive the prior approval of the Provost, who shall seek the advice of the Faculty Policy Committee and will inform the committee of all approvals."