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Name: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Address: 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
Cable address: MITCAM
TELEX number: 92-1473
County: Middlesex
Congressional District: Seventh (MA-007 for
Type of organization: Private, non-profit, educational
Incorporated in: Massachusetts
Date of incorporation: April 10, 1861
Number of employees: 10,500
IRS tax exemption: Letter dated July 9, 2001
Federal Employer I.D (TIN). #: 04-210-3594
Mass. Tax Exempt #: E042-103-594 (dated 06/04/54)
Agency Symbol # (FICE): 75-08-9701 (federal interagency code)
Vendor code #: 042-103-594-000-1
Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code #: 80230
Mass. Employee Claim #: 72-002250
DUNS Contractor #: 00-142-5594
Veteran's Employment &
Training Services (VETS100/100A)

Date of Compliance
September 1, 2015
Federal Wide Protection of Human Subjects Assurance #: FWA00004881
OHRP IRB Registration number (for COUHES): 00000522
DHHS Animal Welfare Assurance #: A3125-01
DHHS Date of Compliance - Misconduct in Science: 02/24/10
PHS Account #: 1042103594A1
NSF Institutional Code #: 002 178 2000
NIH IPF number: 4911501
NAICS Code: 611310
SIC Code: 8221
CAS Disclosure Date: March 1, 2012
System for Award Management (SAM) MIT maintains an Active registration in SAM. For the current expiration date, go to and under “Search Records” enter 001425594 for DUNS Number Search.
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement: Negotiated with ONR.
Rates are fixed covering the period
A-133 Certifications Contact your OSP Representative.
Cognizant Auditor: ONR

Beth Snyder
Contracting Officer, Indirect Cost Branch
Office of Naval Research (BD242, Room 368)
875 N. Randolph Street, Arlington, VA  22203
Phone T, W, F:  571.329.4785
Phone M, TH:  703.696.5755

ONR Resident Representative:

Mr. Eric Garfield
Office of Naval Research
495 Summer Street, Room 627
Boston, MA

Telephone: 617-753-4228 or

Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)

238 Main St.
Cambridge, MA. 02139
Peter McGowan: 617-252-1028 or