Award Technical Report Reminder/Notification

Effective April 23rd, OSP will be activating Technical Report reminder emails for reports that are either due to a sponsor within 30 days or 30 days overdue. These reminders are based on the reporting requirements dictated by the award on which a PI is named.

In anticipation of enabling these notifications, we have run several reports, compared data, and made any changes in the report statuses for awards. Wherever possible, confirmation of Kuali Coeus’ (KC) report statuses were compared against the sponsors’. Reports that still have a status of Pending in KC will prompt the notifications. We understand that there will be occasions where a report has already been submitted to the sponsor, but the status is still showing as Pending in KC. We would like to add a gentle reminder to please copy when submitting a report to sponsors, as it will allow us to update the status in KC. 

The notifications will be in the format illustrated below, and will be sent to the PI, Department Administrator, and OSP Administrator of the award.

Award Technical Report Image

If you submitted a report to a sponsor and still receive a report reminder, please email and we can update KC indicating your report has been submitted. This will prevent future unnecessary reminders. 

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.