December 2015 Forum: Timely Closeouts of Federal Awards

Date:  Wednesday, December 9th

Time:  9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Location:  Singleton Auditorium  (46-3002)

Target audience:  AOs, FOs, and other staff involved with research administration

Overview: The Uniform Guidance has placed increased emphasis on the importance of closing out federal awards in a timely manner. The complete closeout of federal projects is a collaborative effort involving the PIs, DLC administrators, OSP, and VPF and include the financial, technical, patent, equipment, and subaward reports.

Join VPF and OSP Wednesday, December 9th for an upcoming Forum that will clarify roles and responsibilities of the PIs, DLCs, and central offices. We will also highlight what has been done to help address various DLC pain points.