Kuali Coeus Goes LIVE This Weekend!

We are in the final days of Coeus and will be implementing Kuali Coeus this weekend!

As we approach “go live” weekend, we wanted to remind you:

  • Coeus will be shut down at 5pm on Friday, May 1st
  • If you have proposals due next week (the week of May 4th), please submit them to OSP so they can be submitted to the sponsor by May 1st
  • Any proposals that are “routing” in Coeus on May 1st will be rejected back to you.  You do not need to take any action on these; as part of the weekend implementation we will be returning the proposals back to their last location in Kuali Coeus (we hope this is a limited number of proposals and encourage you to get them completed ahead of time)
  • “Old” proposals that you asked us to clean up in Coeus prior to the data migration have been removed

Some additional items to note:

See the Kuali Coeus Project website for more details on demos and hands-on training that are being offered

  • All data from Coeus will be migrated to Kuali Coeus over the weekend (you will no longer have access to Coeus after Friday)
  • Kuali Coeus will come up around noon on Monday, May 4th (check 3down for more details)
  • COI will remain in CoeusLite, PIs will continue to complete their disclosures in the existing system
  • Please check for system status announcements and updates at 3down.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact coeus-help@mit.edu.