Kuali Coeus Upgrade On December 1, 2017 at 10pm

The Kuali Coeus system will be undergoing an upgrade this weekend beginning Friday evening, 12/1/17, at 10pm. We expect the system will be back online early Saturday morning, 12/2/17, at 2am.

We are also currently reviewing and testing new form versions for NIH, prior to their implementation date of January 25, 2018. Those will be implemented soon, more information will be coming in the following weeks.

What’s in this release - In addition to routine maintenance and S2S forms improvement, this upgrade includes a strategic change in Key Person Maintenance on Awards that lifts some work off DLCs. No longer will Key Person confirmations be performed by DLC Administrators or Principal Investigators at Award stage. Instead, OSP will confirm Key Person(s) at time of new Award setup in KC, based upon sponsor requirements, review of those listed on the development proposal, and those named on the Sponsor award notice. 

As a reminder, the number of key persons identified in a project should be minimized to reduce administrative burden; any change to the effort of key persons may require sponsor prior approval. Contact your OSP Contract Administrator should you wish to make any changes to the Key Persons listed on your awards. See the OSP page on Key Personnel for additional information. 

Questions? Concerns? Please let us know!