Kuali Coeus Upgrade May 1-4: What it means to you!

Dear MIT PIs,

Over the weekend of May 1- 4, OSP will be migrating our grants management system (Coeus) to Kuali Coeus (KC), a system developed by the Kuali Foundation in cooperation with MIT. KC has all of the same functionality as Coeus plus an improved interface, more advanced system architecture and many improvements to help make the administration of sponsored programs easier for the MIT research community.

What it means for you:

  • You’ll have a new PI dashboard that includes information specifically tied to your work (proposals, awards, reports due to sponsors, etc.)
  • You’ll see new PI Certification screens that are cleaner and easier to use, including on your mobile devices
  • All of your proposals, awards and attachments in Coeus will be migrated to Kuali Coeus over the transition weekend

Note that the COI disclosure module will remain in Coeus until we upgrade to the new KC COI module next year.

What it means for your administrative staff:

  • They will be attending Kuali Coeus training – we are partnering with Navigator Management Partners to provide a full suite of Kuali Coeus training to adjust and learn Kuali Coeus

Finally, since there is always a proposal deadline at any given time (on average, about 50 proposals are routing around MIT on any given day), we recommend that you minimize potential submission problems the week of May 4th by getting all proposals that are due to OSP that week in early – by April 27th so we can get them to the sponsor before the May 1 shutdown.

There is additional information on the Kuali Coeus Project website.