NSF Grants Proposal Guide Update Summary

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to let you know that the National Science Foundation has released a new update to their Grants Proposal Guide (NSF GPG 14-1) which becomes effective on Monday, February 24th, 2014. Please note that any proposal with a deadline of February 24th or later will be subject to these new guidelines.

The NSF has not yet implemented the updated procedures in FastLane.  Once these are in place, OSP will send out an updated proposal preparation checklist for NSF (via ra_ls) and update the OSP webpage.  In the meantime, please check the solicitation and/or deadline date for any NSF proposal that you may be preparing to determine which version of the GPG applies.   

Here are some online resources regarding the updated rules which you may find helpful:

The top three changes likely to affect MIT proposal development are highlighted below.  If you have additional questions regarding a specific proposal, please contact your OSP Contract Administrator.

Thanks very much,
MIT Office of Sponsored Programs

Top Three changes with GPG 14-1

  1. PI must indicate the activity type (research, workshop, equipment, etc) and the collaboration type (simultaneous submission or subaward) on the FastLane cover page.
  2. The NSF may reject without review proposals where the Biosketch includes information not requested by NSF (e.g. Awards and honors).
  3. Unbudgeted collaborators must be described in the Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources section of the proposal, as well as being supported by a letter of commitment from the collaborator.