NSF Update: Changes to Notifications/Requests and more

To: Research Administrators ListServ (ra_ls)
From: Office of Sponsored Programs
Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2015
SUBJECT: NSF Update: Changes to Notifications/Requests and more

Dear Colleagues

We’re writing to draw your attention to upcoming changes to the NSF’s Notifications and Requests procedures. With the implementation of the Uniform Guidance, and as part of the effort to modernize their online resources, the NSF is making changes to their notifications and requests. As of Monday March 23, the existing notifications and requests will continue to be available in FastLane. However, three new types of requests required by the Uniform Guidance will be implemented through Research.gov. The NSF has set up a Notifications and Requests Informational Page at Research.gov which lists all the notifications and requests, and indicates whether to use FastLane or Research.gov to submit them. Please note that your Research.gov login credentials are the same as your FastLane credentials; nsf-help@mit.edu can help you reset your password if needed.

Additionally, the NSF has clarified their Senior Personnel Salaries & Wages Policy with GPG 15-1 as it relates to the prior approvals described in NSF AAG II.B.2 (d)

  • In proposal budgets:
    • any request for salary support for senior personnel in excess of 2 months requires additional justification, and must be specifically approved.
  • In existing awards:
    • Prior NSF approval is required to reduce PI/Co-PI effort by 25% or more from the approved level
    • Prior NSF approval is not required to increase senior personnel effort, even if this would exceed 2 months in a year
    • Prior NSF approval is required for any change in Objectives or Scope, even if there is no budget impact

As always, if you have any questions regarding this update, please contact your department’s OSP Contract Administrator, and be sure to check the NSF page on the OSP website for the most recent guidance, templates, and checklists for the NSF.

Thanks very much, and have a great day,
The NSF Liaison team
MIT Office of Sponsored Programs
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building NE18-901
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139-4307