NSF Update: Fall 2017 Proposals

Dear Investigators

The NSF may be caught up in their move to Alexandria, VA this month, but here at MIT, we’re keeping an eye on the deadlines for the core NSF programs, most of which repeat annually in September through November. If you’re planning to apply, please be sure to check with your department administrators well in advance of the NSF deadline to make sure you allow time for Departmental, Dean’s, and OSP reviews, as needed.

Here are a few resources that may be helpful as you plan:

  • Active Funding Opportunities: This NSF page provides lists and various tools for browsing open NSF funding opportunities, including a list of all upcoming deadlines.
  • NSF-specific tools and templates: This page includes the MIT Proposal Preparation checklist for NSF proposals – make sure you have the most recent version! There are also template letters on this page for subawardee or unfunded collaborator commitments.
  • Sample Budget Justifications:  OSP provides downloadable templates for budget justifications for both federal and non-federal proposals. Note that for NSF proposals, unfunded faculty time must be described in the Facilities document, and not in the budget justification.
  • NSF’s Administrative Review Process: The NSF puts most proposals through administrative review and can reject or require revisions to your proposal well before any scientific reviewer sees it. This page lists the most common reasons NSF proposals have been administratively flagged, and in some cases rejected, over the past couple of years.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback. 
Thanks so much
Dan Nicholas
NSF Liaison, MIT Office of Sponsored Programs