NSF Update: Strategic Plan and Reporting Enhancements

Date: March 2014
Subject: NSF Update: Strategic Plan and Improvements to Project Reporting

Dear NSF Investigators! 

We’re writing to draw your attention to the recently updated National Science Foundation (NSF) Strategic Plan for 2014-2018, released on March 10th.  The items most likely to directly impact investigators are the Agency Priority Goals for 2014-2015, which are described in detail on pages 11-12 of the report.  To summarize, the NSF has announced that they will maintain a balanced portfolio of investment in fundamental research in all fields of science and engineering and will be looking at strategies to improve on these areas in the following year:

  1. Ensure public access to NSF-funded publications
  2. Increased Investment in data science, i.e increase data scientists and data infrastructure
  3. Spreading award cycles more evenly across the fiscal year

OSP will continue to monitor NSF policy and let you know when any changes are made, but you may want to consider reviewing the NSF Strategic plan before starting your next NSF proposal submission.

In addition, the NSF implemented several improvements to the Project Reporting in Research.gov on March 17th. You can see a list of these improvements at the this page.

Thanks very much, and as always, feel free to contact your OSP Contract Administrator with any questions.

Best regards and Happy Spring!

The NSF Liaison Team
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Office of Sponsored Programs
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building NE18-901
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139-4307