OSP Fundamentals Training

OSP will be offering the following Fundamentals courses:

Fundamentals: Intro to Unallowable Costs

This introductory-level class looks at cost allowability from both a conceptual and practical perspective, concentrating on the allowability of charges to sponsored accounts. Experts from OSP as well as VPF will discuss how to determine whether a cost is unallowable to a sponsored account and the difference between allowable and reimbursable costs.

  • Appreciate the relationship between Uniform Guidance and allowability of costs
  • Distinguish between unallowable and reimbursable costs
  • Discuss costs in gray areas, where it is not always clear if costs are allowable

Date: 10/28/2015 
Time:  10:00 am - 12  pm
Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913)
** To Registerhttp://web.mit.edu/training/course.html?course=ADM13010c  

Fundamentals: Post-Award Administration 

Those who complete this course can expect to learn common issues in award management and reporting. This course is designed for those who play a role in sponsored projects administration and may also prove useful to those who are interested in playing those roles in the future.  

  • Identify differences between major types of federal and nonfederal awards
  • Recognize how to manage potentially sensitive charges as they apply to sponsored projects
  • Identify common types of reporting.

Date: 11/12/2015 
Time:  10:00 am - 12  pm
Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913)
** To Registerhttp://web.mit.edu/training/course.html?course=ADM13030c 

Fundamentals: Sponsored Project Closeout

This short course describes the fundamental issues in sponsored project closeout, from project end to final reports.

  • Identify the required procedures at the end of a sponsored project.
  • Recognize the roles played by the Office of Sponsored Projects, the Office of the Vice President for Finance and the Department, Lab or Center during the closeout process.
  • Identify resources available to research administrators in Departments Labs and Centers that relate to closeout.

Date: 12/15/2015 
Time:  10:00 am - 11:00  am
Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913)
** To Registerhttp://web.mit.edu/training/course.html?course=ADM13040c