Project Outcomes Report - January 2010

To comply with section 7010 of the America COMPETES Act, National Science Foundation implemented an additional reporting requirement, the Project Outcomes Report, for new awards and funding amendments made on or after January 4, 2010.  This requirement is in addition to the technical project reports currently submitted through FastLane, and carries the same obligations.

Unlike the Final Outcome report, which is a communication between the Principal Investigator and the NSF Program Officer, the Project Outcomes Report is intended for viewing by the general public, to present a complete picture of the results of the funded research.

Project Outcome reports must be submitted within 90 days after award expiration. In previous years, failure to provide these reports would delay the awarding of funds, but not the peer review and processing, on subsequent proposals. Now, failure to provide these reports within 90 days of the award expiration will delay peer review and processing of pending proposals for all identified PIs and co-PIs on a given award.

A new reporting tool is available through to assist researchers in completing the report.

  • Reports are meant to be only 2-3 paragraphs
  • Reports are due within 90 days of the expiration of the award
  • PIs and co-PIs will receive an e-mail when a report is due, pointing them to the website to complete the report.
  • Your NSF Fastlane password will provide you with the proper access to

Please note that there is increasing public and congressional interest in assuring that research dollars are well spent, so while report should be brief and accurate, PIs should strive to help the public appreciate the value of the research. In addition, reports:

  • should not include any unpublished information, data, inventions or any other confidential information
  • should not include any personally identifiable information such as names of participants.

The NSF does not review or approve the Project Outcomes Report. It will be posted the next business day on’s Research Spending and Results website exactly as it is submitted by the Principal Investigator. Principal Investigators may edit these reports for 30 days after they are submitted. After the 30 day editing window the report may not be edited, however, an unlimited number of addenda may be submitted to supplement the report.

The Project Outcomes Report must be submitted in by the Principal Investigator named in the specific award. Instructions for preparing and submitting this report are available by logging onto and clicking on Project Outcomes Report.

To determine whether awards have met reporting requirements, Fastlane allows searching by award number or expiration date. (“Search for Awards with Annual/Final/Project Outcome Report Requirements”) 

The complete policy for preparing and submitting these reports is provided in the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Award and Administration Guide, Chapter II.E.3.

Frequently Asked Questions may be found at

NSF policy regarding Project outcomes reports can be found here.

Please contact your OSP representative with any questions.