Reminder – Timely and Accurate Service Center Billing

Subject: Reminder – Timely and Accurate Service Center Billing

As part of an ongoing effort to improve MIT’s processes for the closeout of sponsored awards, a closeout working group comprised of DLC Financial Administrators was recently formed. This working group has identified a number of issues as impediments to timely closeout and is investigating potential mitigation options. One contributing factor identified by the group is delayed or late service center billings.  It is very important, both for the proper operation of MIT’s service centers and for the reconciliation and closeout of expired sponsored awards, that service centers bill all customers on a timely basis.

In addition, a recent audit of service center billings to Federally funded sponsored programs revealed several billings in which incorrect rates were applied. Upon further investigation, these appeared to be just human error situations rather than systemic issues but the end result, in either case, is misapplied costs to Federal awards.

Accordingly, we would like to remind all service center administrators that customer billings should be accomplished monthly, or as services are rendered for those services centers where use is more sporadic, and care should be taken to ensure that bills reflect published/approved rates and are correct in all instances.

MIT’s Service Center Policy and Service Center Accounting and Operating Procedures are located at Questions regarding implementation of the policy/procedures should be directed to Tiffany Melendez in the Office of Cost Analysis (3-1441 or

Tiffany Melendez
Cost Analyst
Direct line: 617-253-1441
Common fax: 617-253-4734