Summary of NIH and NSF Technical Guidance During Shutdown





  • Contact with NIH and NSF staff by phone, email, fax, USPS mail, FedEx, UPS will not be possible during the funding lapse. We recommend holding off on all communications until after operations resume.

Proposal Submission

Until normal operations resume:

  • will accept electronic applications for submission. Applications will not be processed for review.
  • eRA commons is inaccessible, therefore applications cannot be reviewed
  • Multi-project submissions through ASSIST is unavailable
  • No paper applications should be submitted.

Until normal operations resume:

  • No new funding opportunities will be released.
  • Proposals cannot be submitted or prepared in FastLane
  • is operational, however no applications will be checked for compliance until operations resume.
  • Notification on the approval or disapproval of an application can take up to six months after the deadline, target date, or receipt date

E-system Support

  • Helpdesk support for eRA commons and will not be available.
  • eRA commons is not accessible during the lapse.
  • Helpdesk support for and FastLane will not be available
  • Fastlane and are not accessible during the lapse

Reporting of
Safety Issues

  • Serious adverse events involving human safety should be reported to Dr. Sally Rockey by email at
  • In cases of imminent threat to life or property, please call the Office of the Inspector General at 1-800-428-2189

Peer Review Panels, Council/Advisory Meetings, and Grant Scores

  • No peer reviews or council meetings until normal operations resume
  • E-systems that support these activities will not be available
  • Peer review/council meetings will be re-scheduled
  • Summary statements and final impact scores will not be disseminated

Awarded grants (progress reports)

  • Continue performance on grant, business as usual.
  • No NIH/NSF systems will be accessible to submit any progress reports.
  • No NIH/NSF staff will be available to review these reports, please submit as soon as systems become available.

Notices of Award

  • No JIT requests or NoAs will be released during funding lapse (pending NoAs will be released once operations resume). Start dates for projects will not be affected by delayed NoAs.

No Cost
Extension (NCE)

  • First time NCEs cannot be submitted electronically through the Commons; please submit your request to your Contract Administrator who can hold for processing once eRA commons is back on-line.
  • No cost extensions (whether MIT-approved or NSF-approved) can be submitted or processed.
  • Funds cannot be obligated beyond the award expiration date.

HHS Payment Management System

  • PMS will be open.
  • Draw-downs can continue as long as no federal staff action is required.
  • No payments will be made during theshutdown.

Animal Welfare

  • No activities associated with the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) will continue during lapse.
  • OLAW will extend deadlines for the submission of assurances and all reports.



  • OMB guidance suggests contractors will be contacted directly on how to proceed.
  • Contractors will be notified if work on contracts can continue.
  • No new contracts will be issued during shutdown.
  • Performance on contracts may be authorized if sufficient funds were available prior to the shutdown.

Reprinted with permission from Weill Cornell Medical College