OSP Mission and Values

Core Values

What are the values that we live and work by?

  • Motivation To Excel: Pioneers in Research Administration
  • Integrity: Firm adherence to a code of the highest moral values
  • Team Collaboration: Problem solving together
  • Ownership: Individual commitment to acting effectively, taking the initiative to develop resourceful solutions
  • Sharing Knowledge: Exchanging ideas and experiences
  • Positive Customer Experience: Ensuring customer expectations are met


Why do we exist?

  • To assist the MIT research community in securing sponsored research funding that is consistent with the mission and goals of the Institute
  • To provide information and assistance in managing sponsored research funding
  • To provide the proper stewardship of research funds that satisfies both the sponsor and the Institute
  • To advocate for MIT research to outside entities
  • To make the administration of research funds as easy and efficient as possible.


What is our collective dream about how we can fulfill this purpose?

  • To be the world-class center of excellence for research support services
  • To become the preferred academic partner for research world-wide
  • To become known for ease-of-use and service to our community
  • To run a vibrant office where people enjoy working and have the opportunity to learn and develop skills
  • To be a community of highly engaged professionals who are excited about the impact our work is having on the present and future
  • To provide confident, well-informed, and adaptive management and leadership for the office


How will we make this dream a reality?

  • Build the expertise of OSP work force through hiring and training
  • Create an organizational structure that fits our near-term strategy
  • Upgrade and standardize the tools we use to deliver service efficiently
  • Improve communication between OSP operations and the research community