Staff Development




OSP Staffing Levels Benchmarking

  • Compare MIT OSP staffing levels and key services to those of four peer universities
  • Develop a Staffing model to determine optimal OSP Grant/Contract team workload distribution and a scalable, metrics-based staffing mode.
  • Peer staffing benchmark survey report published December 2011
  • Survey shows that MIT OSP functions are understaffed when compared to the identified peer group of institutions (Caltech, Stanford, Harvard, and Yale)
  • MIT’s pre-award and post-award staffing levels are four to five FTEs less than the peer average

Non-Federal Agreement (NFA) Negotiation Training Materials & Documentations

  • Content Development for OSP Intranet
  • Non-federal agreements team has been developing negotiation latitude content for Intranet. Drafted to date, reviewed by TLO and OGC, and posted to the intranet: indemnification guidance; inventions; copyrights; research results; cost reimbursement vs fixed price; level of effort and care; publication; termination; substitution of PI and other essential personnel.  Additional topics are drafted and undergoing further refinement before posting.

Non-Federal Agreement (NFA) Negotiation Training

  • Identify and procure Advanced Negotiation Skills Training for all OSP negotiators (contract administrators, subaward administrators, contract specialists, grant & contract managers, directors)


  • Six negotiation skills training providers were reviewed; SAB selected as provider to develop and deliver course
  • Customized role-play content developed by MIT and SAB together
  • First cohort trained June 27-28, 2012--14 people from OSP and TLO. Second cohort trained August 14-15, 2012—14 people from OSP, OGC, TLO.

Also see “Overview of Research Administration” , “Core OSP Learning Curriculum” and “OSP Contract Administrator Training” in the Training Section.