Training and Communications




Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) Program

  • 8-day program
  • Provides comprehensive view of the role and key responsibilities of senior research administrators
  • Focuses on challenging situations and ways to make decisions to resolve them
  • 131 people in key research administration roles have participated in 7 cohorts since Fall 2009. They work in departments that represent 99% of research volume at the Institute.
  • 43 business experts and representatives from offices and DLCs across campus consistently participate as speakers and instructors

OSP Forums

  • Regular one-hour discussion meetings designed to offer timely information and education on current and evergreen topics in research administration to the MIT community.
  • Feature campus business experts as needed
  • Thirteen Forums have been held since February 2011
  • Attendance ranges from 50-90 participants for each Forum
  • Presentations are made available on the OSP web site.

Open Enrollment Programs

  • Two-hour introductions to critical topics that help prepare MIT employees to play a role in spending, administering, and accounting for sponsored project funds.
  • Revised and re-launched three “Fundamentals” programs (Project End and Closeout, Unallowable Costs, and Post Award:  Administration and Reporting). 
  • Participant evaluations positive.   

Overview of Research Administration

  • Key SPA topics offered as one-hour stand-alone presentations with Q&A to central administration staff.
  • Presented nine sessions to groups of 30-40 staff members from OSP, VPF and Foundation Relations

Core OSP Learning Curriculum

  • Foundational learning program for OSP staff on the knowledge and application of core policy, principles, practices, and service standards by which the department measures the quality and success of its operations.
  • Offering the SPA program content as a series of information and discussion sessions with subject matter experts to OSP, VPF and Foundation Relations staff.

Proposal Development Training for DLCs

  • Redesign proposal development classes to integrate research administration policy, Coeus features and functionality, implications for award management and for working with campus partners who play a role in financial management and compliance.
  • Includes advanced budgeting, Coeus functions and key proposal policy issues.
  • 4 training modules redesigned; 33 to 156 participants per module from 4/1/11 thru 7/10/13
  • Additional 11 customized training demonstrations/presentations for stakeholder groups

OSP Contract Administrator Training

  • Develop training program designed to deepen OSP contract administrators’ knowledge and expertise to provide better assistance to DLCs with proposal development and more timely proposal review
  • 7 training modules designed and presented from 2/13/13 through 7/10/13. 49 unique participants.

OSP/Coeus Websites

  • Improve communications about critical aspects of sponsored project planning, sponsor applications, and management of sponsored projects at MIT
  • Hired a web producer to maintain and enhance the OSP and Coeus sites, a new role in OSP.  OSP website currently has 887 pages of content; Coeus has 328 pages.
  • Favorable feedback from DLCs across the MIT research administration community about the improved sites.
  • Analyzing use statistics for  the sites, including number of visits and number of hits on a page.  

OSP Intranet

  • Improve organization and access to resources for all OSP staff.
  • Include searchable resources that help OSP personnel better support departments in managing sponsored programs
  • Provide a central repository for OSP policies and procedures.
  • Site went live on May 2, 2012
  • Currently has over 400 pages of content; updates and additional content added daily.
  • Initial feedback from staff positive.


Conflict of Interest (COI) Website

  • Create website which outlines the policy intended to assist MIT researchers in complying with MIT’s requirements regarding financial conflicts of interest in research


  • Site went live on August 21, 2012. 
  • Currently there 231 pages of content, which includes MIT”s policy, Sponsor specific information, “How to Disclose” instructions, and Help and Training resources. New content is in development.
  • Monitoring and analyzing use statistics for future development and improvements.