Licenses and Permissions to Use MIT Intellectual Property

MIT’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio is composed of these items:

  • Inventions which have been patented or for which MIT is in the process of applying for patents
  • Copyrighted works
  • Software which may be patented or copyrighted
  • MIT’s trademark

MIT’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) grants licenses for MIT’s patented inventions and copyrighted works. These licenses are issued to existing and startup companies that demonstrate the technical and financial capabilities to develop our early-stage technology into commercially successful products. The TLO welcomes inquiries from companies interested in MIT’s technologies.

In addition, the TLO grants permission for outside organizations to use MIT’s name.

Information About Agreement Types

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) for licensing discussions
  2. Licenses for Inventions
  3. Licenses to use MIT’s trademarks
  4. Permission to use MIT’s name

Where to get help: Contact the Technology Licensing Office.