Shipment of MIT Equipment to Third Party Site for Research

Shipment of MIT Equipment to a Third-party (off-campus) Site for Research Activity under a Sponsored Program

Occasionally, MIT researchers may need to have research equipment (purchased and/or fabricated) shipped to an off-campus, third party site, for testing that cannot be performed at MIT, as part of a sponsored research program. This type of activity requires an agreement that governs:

  • the equipment's ownership
  • how the equipment will be protected from loss or damage
  • what testing will be conducted and by whom
  • what cost will be associated with the equipment used
  • final disposition or return of the equipment

Because such an agreement and its activity involves tracking, insuring and possibly exporting and reimporting an MIT physical asset, and assuring the safety of people who will handle and operate the equipment, Procurement must manage this transaction with help from Environmental Health and Safety and the Insurance Office.

If the equipment will be shipped outside the United States, the International Shipping cross-functional team must be consulted (contact Kathy McGrath, VPF Assistant Director of Travel and Procurement Operations). This team will coordinate shipping, environmental and procurement activities. The Office of General Counsel will provide contract support for Procurement.

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