Sponsored Research Agreements with Non-Federal Sponsors

MIT conducts research supported by funding from U.S., state, and foreign governmental, industrial, and charitable organizations, as well as in collaboration with other educational institutions around the world. Sponsored research programs are governed by agreements among the following parties:

  • MIT and funding source(s)
  • MIT and subcontractors and consultants, when needed
  • MIT and institutions that are collaborating on the research project

OSP’s Non-Federal Agreements Team assists OSP’s contract administrators in reviewing and negotiating MIT’s sponsored research agreements with sponsors other than U.S. federal government agencies, including the following:

  • Companies
  • Private non-profit organizations such as foundations
  • Other educational institutions
  • Local, state, and foreign government agencies

OSP’s Research Subawards Organization drafts and negotiates contracts with outside organizations that conduct research tasks (subcontractors) under prime awards to MIT.

Agreement Types

For an explanation of how MIT develops these agreements, click on the specific type of agreement below:

  1. Sponsored Research Agreement
  2. Consortium Agreement
  3. Subaward Agreement
  4. Collaborative Research Agreement
  5. Master Research Agreement and Template
  6. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  7. Teaming Agreement (TA)