MIT Standard Sponsored Research Agreements

Prospective Sponsors and MIT Community – please be aware that these documents are MIT’s standard forms, and they may need to be tailored for any given project, depending on the specific facts and circumstances, such as if:

  • One party is sending materials to the other party
  • The Sponsor will be sending a Visiting Scientist to work at MIT
  • The nature of the technology or scope of work are such that IP terms are affected
  • There are pre-existing MIT-owned inventions that may be necessary to the practice of inventions anticipated to arise from the project
  • Certain classes of confidential information or data will be exchanged

We prefer to provide our Sponsor with the best, most appropriate agreement possible, so please consult with OSP when considering the attached within the context of a specific project.

SRA Template for US Sponsors [PDF] - July 2018

SRA Template for International (Non-U.S.) Sponsors  [PDF] - July 2018