Subaward Agreement (Subcontract)

Subaward Agreements (subcontracts) are contracts between MIT and a subcontractor selected by MIT (most often, a company or another academic research institution), to conduct tasks assigned by MIT as part of a research program sponsored by another organization, such as a federal agency, company, or foundation. Subawards must often apply (“flow through”) some of the terms of the prime research agreement that is sponsoring the research.

What does OSP need to develop a Subaward Agreement?

  1. An approved proposal that incorporates a proposed subcontractor’s statement of work and budget
  2. The prime sponsor’s award and signed contract
  3. A subaward requisition from the PI’s department, laboratory, or center

What is the process? See Subawards.

Where to get help: Contact the OSP contract administrator for your department, laboratory, or center, who will in turn contact the OSP Research Subawards Organization on your behalf.