Use of Facilities

MIT researchers may occasionally seek access to and the right to use an outside organization’s facility for MIT research activities when the outside organization has a unique capability that has been offered to MIT for its research use.

Conversely, MIT has unique facilities built for its own internal use that are not available anywhere else. Outside organizations may rent these facilities for their research when they are not being fully utilized by MIT.

Examples include the following:

Agreement Types

Use of Outside Facility by MIT (user agreements)

Describes the facility and capabilities to which MIT will gain access for its research use, the work to be conducted at the outside facility, the conditions for facility use, the cost to MIT for the facility use (if any), and additional requirements.

If the outside facility needs to be used by MIT personnel or students working on a sponsored research program under a sponsored research agreement, OSP will negotiate the appropriate agreement (or amendment to the sponsored research agreement as needed).

If the outside facility will be used by MIT personnel or students for activities not supported by sponsored program funds, the Office of the General Counsel will negotiate an appropriate agreement, unless the internship is conducted under an existing MIT internship program.

Where to get help:

Use of MIT Facility

Describes the MIT facility to which the outside organization will gain access and use, the work to be conducted at the MIT facility, conditions for the facility use, the cost for use, and additional requirements.

Where to get help:

  • For use of an MIT research laboratory that permits outside use on a regular basis, contact the managing office for that laboratory.
  • Special agreements for use of MIT facilities are negotiated by the Office of the General Counsel.