Roles and Responsibilities

The OSP has lead responsibility in the negotiation and acceptance of awards. In the course of the negotiation, the OSP consults with the PI, DLC, and other Institute offices to assure that acceptable terms and conditions are negotiated with the sponsor. When negotiations are concluded, a Notice of Award is issued.

Phase - Negotiating with Sponsor
Responsible Office Required Action
  • Prepares and submits additional information as required; updates other support, faculty effort, human subjects’ training, revised budget, protocol approvals, etc., with assistance from the PI and DLC
  • Coordinates a background Intellectual Property review with the Technology Licensing Office for each proposal that is not directed to the U.S. government.
  • Reviews the proposed award document and identifies issues to be resolved, in collaboration with the PI and DLC
  • Consults with other MIT offices as appropriate, such as the Vice President for Research, Vice President for Finance, Office of the General Counsel, and Technology Licensing Office as needed to resolve issues in the award document.
  • Communicates negotiation positions or status to the PI and DLC
  • Prepares alternate terms and negotiates with the sponsor, bringing the PI into the negotiation as needed to support MIT's position
  • Negotiates the subaward contracts with MIT's subawardees, if required, with assistance from the DLC
  • Assists the OSP with preparation of additional information as required; updates other support, faculty effort, human subjects’ training, budget revisions, protocol approvals, etc., as required.
  • Reviews the proposed award document with the PI and identifies any concerns to the OSP
  • Assists the OSP with negotiating subaward contracts, as requested 
  • Partners with OSP to help MIT reach agreement on acceptable terms with the sponsor, as needed
  • Assists OSP in getting attention of sponsor's decision maker(s) when negotiation is slow or stalled by sponsor's negotiator
  • Reviews and accepts the terms of the final agreement prior to OSP signature or identifies any concerns to the DLC or OSP
Phase - Receive Funding Award
Responsible Office Required Action
  • Reviews the award document from the sponsor
  • Determines whether the award is a sponsored project
  • Develops the Notice of Award (NoA) or Change Notice for the DLC to review
  • Sends the NoA and award (or Change Notice and modification) to the PI and DLC for positive or negative confirmation of acceptance of the terms
  • Reviews, routes, and signs the contracts and agreements
  • Transmits the award documents to the sponsor for execution
  • Reviews the NoA terms and conditions; returns the signed NoA to the OSP when positive confirmation of acceptance of the terms is required
  • Issues a requisition for subawards to be placed by Research Subawards Team
  • Reviews the NoA terms and conditions; confirms that the award and budget are acceptable
  • Signs the NoA when positive confirmation is required; returns documents to the DLC to route to the OSP