E-mail Notification

When a proposal is received by OSP, the Workload Balancing process will assign it to an OSP staff member (OSP Approver) for review; an email notification is sent to the Aggregator who submitted the proposal, the Principal Investigator and the OSP Approver. The email includes the name and contact information of the assigned OSP Approver, to whom any questions or concerns about the proposal review should be addressed.

KC Sample email notification when proposal is received in OSP:
(click on image to see larger version)


NOTE: The email notification is sent individually to the DLC Aggregator, the PI and the Assigned OSP CA.

Note: It is strongly recommended that each DLC establish its own business practices on the forwarding of this initial e-mail notification. Since the Aggregator who submitted the proposal is the only one who receives the notification, it is his/her responsibility to inform others who need to be aware of the OSP Approver assignment.