Roles and Responsibilities

 Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Communicates with DLC regarding fund centers, profit centers, and SAP project structure (i.e., child accounts for cost sharing, subprojects)
  • Completes data sheet for OSP Data Entry Administrator containing all information regarding terms and conditions
  • Submits data sheet to OSP Data Entry group for input into Kuali Coeus and creation of WBS cost object
  • Creates and maintains award file
  • Creates revenue and expense structures for consortium activities, with assistance from DLC
  • Enters cost-sharing template data prepared by DLC
  • Assists DLC with design of appropriate SAP project/financial hierarchy and assignment of profit center/fund center to award
  • Distributes authorized total to child accounts
  • Assigns costing sheet; verifies for accuracy

 Departmental/Lab/Center Administration (DLC):

  • Establishes role authorizations
  • Creates SAP profit center or fund center structure (if new)
  • Maintains revenue and expense structures for consortium activities, with assistance of OSP
  • Completes cost-sharing template (verifies amounts and funding source; initiates salary distribution if necessary) and submits it to OSP for data entry
  • Designs appropriate SAP project structure/financial hierarchy; assigns profit center/fund center to award; distributes authorized total to child accounts, with concurrence and assistance of OSP
  • Requests a departmental underrecovery cost center if underrecovery will occur and no department cost center exists
  • Establishes authorizations/salary distribution, with concurrence of PI

 Principal Investigator (PI):

  • Assures that account has been created with correct cost categories for the project including consortium activities
  • Authorizes DLC staff for day-to-day management
  • Authorizes salary distribution
  • Signs Notice of Award to verify agreement with terms and conditions, if required by OSP