February 2014 - Funding Memorandum from Dr. Patricia Dehmer

The Department of Energy/Office of Science has issued a Memorandum from Dr. Patricia Dehmer, Acting Director, which explains the Congressionally mandated requirement for full funding of financial assistance awards under $1 Million.

Beginning immediately any new or renewal financial assistance award, with a total award amount of $1 Million of less, will be fully funded at the time of award. The Office of Science will no longer provide annual funding in discrete budget periods. The entire value will be obligated when the award is made. 

Recipients must comply with reporting requirements before DOE will allow access to funds for payment in the subsequent budget periods.

As a result of this requirement, the Office of Science anticipates a decrease in the number of new and renewal awards over the next 3 to 5 years. After which, success rates should return to historic norms.