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  • As of March 18, 2013, NSF requires that reports be filed through Research.gov, using existing NSF FastLane login information (last name, NSF ID, and password). The last date to submit using FastLane was 2/1/13. For information about the new reporting procedures please see the Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) page.

January 2013

Implementing All Project Reporting in Research.gov

  • Updated GPG for 2013: A new version of the National Science Foundation’s Grants Proposal Guide (NSF GPG) becomes effective on Monday, January 14th, 2013. Any proposal with a deadline of January 14th or later will be subject to these new rules. Here are some online resources regarding the updated rules which you may find helpful:

April 2012

February 2012

Earlier Due Date Set for ARRA Waiver Requests

If the award ends before Sept. 30, 2013 and it is anticipated that a no-cost extension will be requested that would end after Sept 30, 2013, please be advised that the due date for requesting such an extension waiver of the end date from NSF has been moved from June 1, 2012 to March 2, 2012. Further, the NSF will amend these awards to notify the PI of this restriction. 

January 2012

NSF implements accelerated spending of ARRA-funded awards

NSF guidance about deadlines and conditions for no-cost extensions that is available to date

Also see the agency's guidelines memo here: http://www.nsf.gov/recovery/acceleration.pdf

February 2011

OSP Forum: NSF Agency Update (Presentation slides)

January 2011

Data Management Plans

GPG - Chapter II.C.2.j, Special Information and Supplementary Documentation contains a clarification of NSF's long-standing data policy.  Under the new NSF policy, however, all proposals due on or after January 18, 2011 must include a data management plan that describes plans for keeping and sharing of the products of research.

Responsible Conduct of Research Requirement

Responsible Conduct of Research is a requirement that all students (undergraduate, graduates and post doctoral students) be trained in the topics of responsible conduct of research (RCR).

January 2010

Project Outcomes Report

To comply with section 7010 of the America COMPETES Act, National Science Foundation implemented an additional reporting requirement, the Project Outcomes Report, for new awardsand funding amendments made on or after January 4, 2010.  This requirement is in addition to the technical project reports currently submitted through FastLane, and carries the same obligations.

April 2009

Postdoctoral Researcher Mentoring Plan - April 2009

Each proposal that requests funding to support postdoctoral researchers must include, as a supplementary document, a description of the mentoring activities that will be provided for such individuals.

 Feb 2009

January 2009

NSF Limits on Salary - January 2009

There has been a major revision of NSF’s salary reimbursement policy. In general, the Foundation will now limit salary compensation for senior project personnel to no more than two months of their regular salary in any one year. This limit includes salary compensation received from all NSF-funded grants. This change moves away from the concept of summer salary and allows for reimbursement of two months of salary per year whenever appropriate during the year. Read more...

January 2008

RTC Terms

Effective July 1, 2008, all new NSF grants and funding increments on existing NSF grants to organizations subject to 2 CFR Part 215 will incorporate by reference the Research Terms and Conditions dated July 2008 and the NSF Agency Specific Requirements dated July 2008.