Preparing a Request for a New Subaward

The DLC is responsible for requesting that OSP issue a subaward agreement to the subrecipient. This is done in SAP by issuing a requisition to OSP.

Information required for SAP Requisition form:

  1. Requisition Created for – Signature and telephone extension of a person authorized to sign request/commitment for the cost object to be charged.
  2. Goods Recipient – Name of the person in the DLC to whom reports/delivery is to be made.
  3. Vendor Name/Address – Name of the subawardee with complete address, telephone number, e-mail address (if available) and person to contact. Subawardee should have been confirmed at the proposal stage. Contact The OSP Subawards Team with questions about certifying new subawardees.
  4. Delivery Text – Should include:
    1. Period of Performance for the current allocation – Begin and end dates – be sure the period of performance is within the currently approved prime award.
    2. Period of Performance for the total anticipated amount of the subaward.
    3. Principal Investigator – name of the MIT PI
    4. Special Instructions – Please provide the MIT subs team with any special deliverables or other instructions that we should be aware of in issuing the subaward agreement.
  5. Delivery Date – Month, day and year the request is completed.
  6. Material Group – Enter one of the following:
    1. 1057 Subrecipient Awards – No Acctble Equip
    2. 1058 Subrecipient Awards – Acctble Equip
  7. Cost Object – Active cost object (account) to be charged.
  8. Expense G/L Account – Use these two expense general ledger (G/L) accounts to tell us how much we should obligate for the current period of the project:
    1. 420600 Subawards Agreement: F & A on first $25,000
    2. 420620 Subawards Agreement: No F & A
    For example, if the total subaward for $300,000 over a three year period, at $100,000 per year, the first year of funding should be allocated as follows:
    GL 420600 – $25,000 and GL 420620 – $75,000
    When it comes time to allocate years two and three, all funds should be allocated to GL 420620.
    Documents to attach to SAP Requisition form (as needed):
  9. Statement of Work – Adequate descriptive information explaining the services required along with any deliverable items or reports.
  10. Estimated Costs – Copy of the subawardee’s cost proposal including the current obligated amount and the anticipated amount of the subaward. You will need to provide a detailed cost reasonableness form (link to form) signed by the Principal Investigator if the Subaward is being funded from a federal contract. Contact the OSP Subawards Team if you have questions.
  11. Proposal Review – Provide a memo that evaluates the subawardee’s cost proposal from a technical point of view.
  12. Approved Protocols – Any approved protocols relating to the project.

See the Sample Requisition Form