Learning Resources

The following resources are designed to meet the training and professional development needs of MIT employees who play a role in sponsored projects administration.


MIT Quick Guide for PIs: essentials every principal investigator should know – A brief explanation of key topics in research administration, the PI’s responsibilities related to each topic, and links to resources for additional information.

Join the MIT Research Administration Listserv – The OSP vehicle to communicate training offerings and timely information essential for the management and monitoring of sponsored projects at MIT.

See also the educational offerings from the Research Administration team.

Roles and Responsibilities Accountability Matrix (RAII) - Identifies responsibilities of tasks in the Grant/Contract lifecycle. 

OSP Classroom Training and Forums

Fundamentals Series is offered each year during the fall and spring semesters.

Fundamentals: Intro to fCOI in Research

Research Administrative staff play a vital role in supporting research activities at MIT. It is important to have an understanding of the financial Conflict of Interest (fCOI) regulations in order to support researchers in meeting Institute and sponsor compliance requirements. Come to this training to build your fCOI knowledge base by learning about the history and evolution of the financial conflict of interest in research regulations, who it affects, what information is collected and the process by which it is collected and managed – all of which serve to safeguard objectivity in MIT research.

Learn about:

  • History of the financial conflict of interest (fCOI) in research regulations
  • Purpose of MIT’s Conflict of Interest policy and how it protects MIT’s research activities
  • Who the policy applies to
  • High-level overview of COI in the proposal certification process, additional disclosure requirements at award stage, and the difference between the PHS and NSF regulations

Rupinder Grewal, MIT’s Conflict of Interest Officer, will conduct the course.

To prepare, please review the MIT COI policy (http://coi.mit.edu/research/policy) and "COI in the News" at http://coi.mit.edu/

Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913)

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Fundamentals: Post-Award Administration 

Covers common issues in award management and reporting, including differences between major types of federal and nonfederal awards, common types of reporting, and how to manage potentially sensitive charges as they apply to sponsored projects

  • Identify differences between major types of federal and non-federal awards
  • Recognize how to manage potentially sensitive charges as they apply to sponsored projects
  • Identify common types of reporting.

Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913)

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Fundamentals: Sponsored Project Closeout

Covers common issues in Sponsored Project Closeout, from project end to final reports, including required procedures at the end of a sponsored project, roles played by the OSP, VPF and the DLC during the closeout process.

  • Identify the required procedures at the end of a sponsored project.
  • Recognize the roles played by the Office of Sponsored Projects, the Office of the Vice President for Finance and the Department, Lab or Center during the closeout process.
  • Identify resources available to research administrators in Departments Labs and Centers that relate to closeout.

Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913

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Kuali Coeus Training

Kuali Coeus Hands-on Training is offered on a regular ongoing basis.

KC: Proposal Basics

The basics of proposal preparation in Kuali Coeus, for both System to System (S2S) and non-S2S proposals.  Attendees will learn the lifecycle of a sponsored award (and the roles of the MIT offices involved), how to enter summary and detailed budgets, various Sponsor submission methods and how to attach proposal documents.  The class will include hands-on exercises preparing a variety of proposals in KC. (Note: This class replaces prior offerings of the individual KC S2S and non-S2S classes. If you took either or both of those classes previously, you have met the requirements of this latest offering.)

Location: Kendall Square Conference Room, NE18-913

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Online Training

OSP Online Tutorial: Service Centers - Service centers operated by MIT DLCs provide highly specialized or complex services and products designed to facilitate research. Learn more about regulations governing the service center operation, and processes involved in opening and closing service centers.

STARweb – Eight online training modules introduce the basic principles and policies of sponsored research administration. Access via the Atlas Learning Center, then select the Course Catalog tab > Sponsored Projects & Policies.

Compliance and Other Resources

AO/FO Learn - An MIT resource supporting learning and development website for Administrative Officers, Fiscal Officers, and others involved in financial, administrative, and research management activities at MIT. Find an array of courses and tools to help you grow and develop as a steward of MIT’s finances and administrative responsibilities.

Responsible Conduct of Research - The National Science Foundation requires undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers supported on NSF awards to complete a Responsible Conduct of Research training program. Learn how to comply with this training on Responsible Conduct of Research

Access to, Sharing and Retention of Research Data: Rights and Responsibilities (PDF) is a Council on Government Relations [COGR] publication from March 2012. It includes:

  • General guidelines for retention and access of data
  • Federal agency policies and regulations
  • Special circumstances that affect the access to, sharing and retention of data