Technical Progress and Final Reports

Technical Reports

What’s Essential

Interim and Final Technical or Progress Reports:  The submission of required technical reports is the responsibility of the principal investigator. While some sponsors permit online submission of technical reports, many do not. Copies of reports, or report transmittal letters, should  also be uploaded info Kuali Coeus or forwarded to your OSP representative.

Final Invention Reports:  OSP submits final invention reports to sponsors based on information provided to the Technology Licensing Office by the PIs

Final Equipment Inventory Reports:  MIT’s Property Office prepares and submits equipment inventory reports based on information in SAP on purchases made during the life of an award

Why It’s Important

Sponsors can and do suspend funding in cases where progress or final reports are not submitted in a timely fashion. It is critical, therefore, to submit all reports per the reporting schedule that appears in the Notice of Award (NOA) and Kuali Coeus MIT’s system of record for sponsored awards.

How To Comply

PIs should be aware of the reporting schedule associated with each award and should ensure that complete and accurate reports are submitted in a timely manner. 

Some federal agencies (e.g. NSF, NIH) require or permit final technical reports to be submitted on line, and the format for those reports is being revised as a result of a recent federal mandate (see Research Performance Progress Reports). Consult the award document for specific requirements. Please provide OSP with a copy of the report or a copy of the transmittal letter or receipt so that OSP can respond to future request from the sponsor. Contact your DLC administrator or your OSP representative with questions about due dates and sponsor-required format.