Sponsored Research Training

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Kuali Coeus Training is available.

You can find out more at the Kuali Coeus Training page. Please contact RA-help@mit.edu with any questions about these offerings. We look forward to seeing you there.

Research Administration Hub

The Research Administration Hub offers sessions on topics of interest to the research administration community.

OSP Fundamentals Training

Fundamentals: Intro to Unallowable Costs

This introductory-level class looks at cost allowability from both a conceptual and practical perspective, concentrating on the allowability of charges to sponsored accounts. Experts from OSP as well as VPF will discuss how to determine whether a cost is unallowable to a sponsored account and the difference between allowable and reimbursable costs.

  • Appreciate the relationship between Uniform Guidance and allowability of costs
  • Distinguish between unallowable and reimbursable costs
  • Discuss costs in gray areas, where it is not always clear if costs are allowable

Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913)
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Fundamentals: Post-Award Administration

Those who complete this course can expect to learn common issues in award management and reporting. This course is designed for those who play a role in sponsored projects administration and may also prove useful to those who are interested in playing those roles in the future.

  • Identify differences between major types of federal and nonfederal awards
  • Recognize how to manage potentially sensitive charges as they apply to sponsored projects
  • Identify common types of reporting.

Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913)
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Fundamentals: Sponsored Project Closeout

This short course describes the fundamental issues in sponsored project closeout, from project end to final reports.

  • Identify the required procedures at the end of a sponsored project.
  • Recognize the roles played by the Office of Sponsored Projects, the Office of the Vice President for Finance and the Department, Lab or Center during the closeout process.
  • Identify resources available to research administrators in Departments Labs and Centers that relate to closeout.

Location: OSP Kendall Square conference room (NE18-913)
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