Vacation Accrual Rates

The MIT fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Click on the fiscal year for the applicable rate agreement.

FAQ Download: Update your KC proposal rates to synchronize the institute rates for EB and VA rates [PDF]

PeriodRate TypeOn-Campus ResearchOff-Campus Research
FY 2018Fixed7.60%9.40%
FY 2017Fixed7.50%12.00%
FY 2016Fixed10.0%10.00%
FY 2015Fixed9.00%10.00%
FY 2014Fixed8.50%9.00%
FY 2013Fixed7.50%9.00%
FY 2012Fixed9.0%10.00%
FY 2011Fixed9.0%10.00%
FY 2010Fixed8.50%10.50%

For research employees, the vacation accrual rate represents vacation time earned and accrued during each cost accounting period for the staff, support staff, and service staff effort on research cost objectives. It is based on the distribution of the research salaries and wages of the employees being accrued. The Institute does not accrue vacation time for faculty or graduate students. When vacation time is used by a research employee, the cost is charged against the Institute’s research vacation liability, rather than the research project.

The vacation rate also includes a small component for sick pay at retirement for eligible research employees. It represents the cost of unused sick leave provided to support and service staff at retirement according to MIT’s Sick Leave/Personal Leave policy. At retirement, sick pay for research personnel is charged against the accrued liability.

Click here for a chart of EB and Vacation rate applicability by cost element.