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Grant Terms and Conditions – Note that MIT is a Research Institution member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP), subject to the Research Terms and Conditions. ARL Grants to MIT our issued under these terms. Please refer to the link below at the NSF web site. Specifically refer to DoD/ARO July 2008 .This link will provide you with information regarding the ARO Research Terms and Conditions for your Grant.

Also note the Prior Approval Matrix at the NSF site which explains what transactions require Agency prior approval or have been waived.

How to find specific RFP/PA/BAA information.

Proposal checklist specific needs required for proposal submission

Proposals are submitted in accordance with opportunity announcements. Each announcement contains specific proposal requirements. Please refer to the individual funding announcement for proposal submission guidelines.

The announcements may be found at the links above.

ARL Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) W911NF-07-R-0003-05 is the open announcement for submitting proposals to ARL. This BAA will remain open until December 30, 2011 or until replaced by successor BAA, whichever occurs first.

Checklist for Proposal Submission to ARO BAA W911NF-07-R-0003-05 (PDF)

Checklist for Proposal Submission to ARL/ARO BAA W911NF-07-R-0001-06 (PDF)

All other ARL Announcements (BAA’s) must be read thoroughly to ensure proposal submission requirements are met.

Format in which proposals can be submitted

Proposals must be submitted via Grants.Gov either by the Coeus Proposal System to System interface with Grants.Gov or directly into Grants.Gov. Proposals may also be submitted via email.

For electronic submissions in Grants.Gov, all appropriate fields are to be filled out in accordance with BAA Instructions.

Normally the Sponsor will contact the OSP Liaison regarding any issues with validations, or any other proposal questions regarding the SOW or budget. Historically ARL Proposals do not fail validations as ARL does not have stringent validation requirements like other federal agencies (i.e. NIH).

What are the deadline cycles?

ARL Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) W911NF-07-R-0001-04 is the open announcement for submitting proposals to ARO. This BAA will remain open until December 30, 2011 or until replaced by successor BAA, whichever occurs first.

For other Announcements ARL typically accepts proposals by 4 PM on the due date as stated in the announcement. PLEASE READ THE ANNOUCEMENT CAREFULLY TO CONFIRM YOUR PROPOSAL DEADLINE

Model Proposal

No Specific format is required by ARO and ARL. It is important to provide all required information as outlined on the checklist and as requested in the specific BAA.