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2017 Space Inventory Update

Space inventory updates for the 2017 Space Survey are now available for review.

All Departments must submit electronically via techspace.mit.edu web portal by Friday August 11th, 2017. Please note that a valid MIT certificate is required for access.

Click here for the Techspace Instructional Quickcard

Fixed F&A Rate Agreement for FY2018

MIT has recently signed an agreement with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) for fixed F&A rates for FY18. As of today, Kuali Coeus (KC) has been updated with these new rates (effective July 1st, 2017). The FY18 fixed F&A rates will be updated in SAP in mid-July, after FY17 costing sheets have completed and will be reflected on your summary statements by the end of the month.

See the Allocation Rates page, for the FY 2018 Preliminary Authorization of Use of Interdepartmental Laboratory Allocation Rates letter from ONR.

Research Administration Fundamental Training

KC: Proposal Development (Non-S2S) — Tuesday, July 18, 2017 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm  and Wednesday, July 19, 2017
** Registerhttp://web.mit.edu/training/course.html?course=ADM15030c

More information about course content, scheduling and registration links

Kuali Coeus Lunchtime Learn for May 2017: Action Lists and Email Notifications

The May Lunchtime Learn topic was Action Lists Emails, and the fact that they are being retired. Actions Lists will soon be replaced by email notifications that will provide you with useful information. Details and Presentation

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All administrative, financial and central office staff involved in the administration of sponsored projects at MIT should be subscribed to the RA Listserv*. Subscribers receive official messages and announcements from OSP with important information about

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Kuali Coeus Maintenance

Kuali Coeus will periodically undergo routine maintenance. This routine maintenance will take less than 1 hour, and will occur during non business hours (sometime between 10pm and 6am, EST).  If there are any outages during normal business hours or that will take more than 1 hour, advance notification will be posted on this website and MIT’s IS&T Services down website (http://3down.mit.edu/3down), and an email will be sent to the Community via ra_ls@mit.edu.

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